About the Researcher

  I’m a visiting assistant professor with the Department of Sociology at Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia.   My research interests lie at the intersection of religion, social movements, sexuality, and race/class/gender.  My most recent research focused on the experiences of individuals who identify as ex-gay, ex-ex-gay, or celibate and gay.  My publications can be found in Symbolic Interaction, Social Movement Studies, Sociological Focus (with Jennifer Dunn), Sociology Compass (also with Jennifer Dunn), and Social Science Quarterly (with Darren Sherkat and Kylan de Vries).   I teach courses on research methods, social theory, religion, race/class/gender,  sexualities,  family, and social movements.

4 responses to “About the Researcher

  1. Hwesi ⋅

    Hello. I too am a sociologist and taught minority groups and gender roles. My parents were freethinkers and I grew up secular. I am a life-long, out-of-the closet atheist. I am interested in participating in your study but I need more details before I commit.



    • sjcreek

      Hi Hwesi!
      I’ve sent you an email with more details. Feel free to post questions here, as well, so I know I am attending to details and questions most important to you. Thanks for your interest in this research.
      Take care,
      S.J. Creek

  2. Anu R.

    Wow, I just sent you an email asking to participate in your study, then clicked the link “About the Researcher” to find you live in Roanoke, VA?! I lived there for one year, way back in 1998.

    Say, is that little vegan take-out restaurant still there in downtown Roanoke? They were just a block or so from my office (I was at Norfolk Southern at the time), and I would pick up my lunch there everyday, waiting for the day of the week that they served their “chicken” pot pie – I can still almost taste it now.

    You can’t know how much I still miss the food – and how much I asked Tom to move with his family to Holland, Michigan, where my next project was, so I would still get to have that yummy food 🙂

    If they’re still there, please let Tom know I said “Hi” – and ask if he and his wife remember the (East) Indian woman who was a regular all those years ago. I was also fortunate enough to be invited to their home, which is where I met the two little girls. Could never get their parents to allow them to just call me “Anu” – they always called me “Miss Anu”, which I found really funny and endearing. I still have the pictures I took that day, and the family photo taken at the oldest daughter’s wedding, a few months after I left Roanoke.

  3. sjcreek

    I do wish there was still a vegan restaurant in Roanoke. Sadly, there are few restaurant options for vegetarians in this area!

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